Selling Your Dwelling

Honesty and trust are two of the most important values for me and are absoultely inherent to how we do business at Trigva. Unlike many estate agents, we are upfront about what we charge and do not shy away from clearly disclosing our fees and terms.

With us there is no hidden agenda and no suggestion that we are chancing on obtaining a higher fee percentage. We feel strongly about being upfront and by clearly outlining fees and terms from the start we can put more focus on working together to achieve a quicker sale and the best price.

Most agents in the area will charge between 1.5% and 2% (plus VAT) depending on what they feel they can get away with. If, for example, you are selling a property for £250,000 you will be charged £4,500 (based on a fee of 1.5%). By selling with Trigva your fees would be just £2,760 saving you £1740! We are able to keep our rates low as we don’t have an expensive business premises.


All you pay upfront is £260 to launch the property to the market and just 1% commission (minimum fee £2000) once the property completes and you hand over the keys. Simple! And as we are a young business there is no VAT to pay.

Low cost fees however don’t mean low value service and we pride ourselves in giving the best performance throughout your whole experience with Trigva. We use local suppliers for a quality finish on bespoke marketing materials and, with an eye for detail, create well-designed brochures which include up-to-date energy performance certificates, detailed floorpans and beautiful photography.

Once signed up with us, you can rest assured your home sale is in safe hands. We are members of the PRS (Property Redress Scheme) and all viewings are conducted by myself. We conduct weekly property performance data checks, monitoring and maximising clicks and views to achieve the best results.

Trigva is not just a 9-5 operation. Flexbility is the key to maximising viewings and I will always go above and beyond to ensure the best eyes are on your property. Evenings/ weekends…. no problem!